Taylor was generous enough to let us post her poem. You can check out her artwork and personality both on Twitter and Instagram !

Published February 21, 2020 at 12:34am

I’m sorry that I’m bad at being cool

I was never that, not even in school

Being human, I’m not too good at it

A little too off, not quite pragmatic

I checked my whole body, no zipper yet

Know it seems off, but I often think about that

See, I’m this light, as bright as a star,

And kind as only an angel can be-

But, my smile’s deceiving,

And I never stopped feeling

Like somehow, the problem is me.

I lie awake again,

voices tell me I’m too deep

It is almost 5 am again,

and I still haven’t been to sleep

Resigned to my fate,

a battle I will probably never win

Cause I’m just really fucking awful,

At being a human.

-Tay H


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