Rays & Mounds

You are here 

I point to my heart to make it clear 

But my finger shakes and wavers with fear 

Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear 

You are a mirror, my mirror 

You keep coming nearer and nearer 

I am not lost but I can’t find myself 

Lost in you and having to remind myself 

It’s not a sure thing 

You love my song but it’s not the one you prefer to sing 

Insurmountable fear 

Rays of sunshine 

Mounds of joy 

Both peppered in 

But I always know in due time it gets dark again 

Thanks for everything but thanks for nothing 

I’m happy in the worst way possible 

Feeling invincible yet knowing I’m stoppable 



Taylor was generous enough to let us post her poem. You can check out her artwork and personality both on Twitter and Instagram !

Published February 21, 2020 at 12:34am

I’m sorry that I’m bad at being cool

I was never that, not even in school

Being human, I’m not too good at it

A little too off, not quite pragmatic

I checked my whole body, no zipper yet

Know it seems off, but I often think about that

See, I’m this light, as bright as a star,

And kind as only an angel can be-

But, my smile’s deceiving,

And I never stopped feeling

Like somehow, the problem is me.

I lie awake again,

voices tell me I’m too deep

It is almost 5 am again,

and I still haven’t been to sleep

Resigned to my fate,

a battle I will probably never win

Cause I’m just really fucking awful,

At being a human.

-Tay H