Black Coffee by LoversInterlude

Black coffee, that serenades me in the morning,

roasted in the worb, delicious like Hershey kisses.

He is my Nubian prince and I soon to be his Nubian Queen.

He is in contrast to me cuss I like my coffee with cream.

I am sweet to him, no sweeteners needed. All natural.

Sugar cane can’t compete. He is also sweet.

Like the seeds from the cocoa tree.

So sweet to me I have developed a cavity.

So sweet he has spoiled me. And I love it and he knows it.

Because he is my black coffee, caffeinating me.

Sending me energy that I use to love him.

He knows I need my daily supply of coffee.

Or I can be a bit cranky. He gives me stability.

I take a sip of him and he warms me to my core.

Delighting all of my senses.

He is free of charge but I pay him mind.

Because he is midnight fine. My shadow.

He stays close behind. Never skips a beat.

My Black Coffee is everything I need.


Just One Mufucka

I need someone to depend on 

And somethin to believe in

Somethin to convince me why I’m still breathin

Blood is seethin 

I mean I’m not the best

But I thought I was decent 

At least as of recent 

I’ve been kinda beamin 

Meditating, mindin my business and workin instead or dreamin 

So what’s the reason 

I can’t find one mufucka to depend on

And nothing to believe in ?